Paws for Halloween Winners!

by admin on November 6, 2011

Lewis and Barks Paws for Halloween Winners!


New Member of Penny’s Family

by admin on August 26, 2011

Mickey D, part Jack Russell and part Westie, is one little bundle of energy and fun. After losing her beloved Webster and Max, two-year-old Mickey D joined the family. Penny says he has two speeds-go and stop. “When he’s in the go mode, he is busy keeping all of the ground squirrels out of the back yard. We now have a hole under the deck that’s large enough to swallow a small child!

New Member of Penny's Family

When he’s in the stop mode, he is the biggest lover and wants to cuddle all of the time.” Happy National Dog Day! We are so glad that Mickey D is part of your family now.


Introducing: Lily, an Eco Nap Winner!

August 24, 2011

Janis’ daughter had her first place and was very lonely. She decided to adopt a dog and found Lily at a non-profit shelter in Las Vegas. Initially worried that they wouldn’t allow her to adopt as she was under 21, she was happy to discover that she could bring Lily to her new home. Lucky [...]

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Introducing an Eco-Nap Winner: Dakota

August 23, 2011

Dakota is an 11 month-old French Bulldog who loves playing ball, going to dog shows and traveling. Nancy, Dakota’s owner, says that the new Eco Nap is the perfect mat to take along on their trips. Read her product review at

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Introducing an Eco Nap Winner: Jake

August 19, 2011

Meet Jake, one of our lucky Lewis & Barks Eco Nap winners. Early on in his life, Jake had a bit of bad luck. By four months old, this Yellow Lab/Dalmatian had been adopted out twice. “No one could handle him and gave up,” says Dorene, who found and rescued him. Now 6 years later, [...]

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Hero Dog Awards

August 6, 2011

Michael Hingson was a regional sales manager for a large company in Tower One on 9/11/2001 when a plane hit their building. That he managed to walk over 1000 steps to safety is amazing. What is more miraculous to this story is that he is blind and his faithful guide dog Roselle led him to [...]

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Panhandling or Pilfered, Pollux is back home!

August 4, 2011

Pollux was not just meandering–he had a serious long distance trip! Found in Kamloops B.C., this dog from Montreal turned up 12 months and thousands of miles away from home. Whether he hopped a train or someone grabbed him, it was a happy ending and he eventually found his family because he had a microchip.

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What’s Your Dog’s IQ?

August 3, 2011

This is a topic that is intriguing to me. I have heard many people say “my dog is so smart” or “my dog is dumb” that I decided to look into some facts. According to Psychology Today, there are three kinds of canine intelligence: Instinctive Intelligence—an innate instinct, like guard dogs guard, herders herd, pointers [...]

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Cairo, the War Dog On Osama Mission

July 16, 2011

Only one of the secret SEAL outfit has recently been identified: Cairo, a Belgian Malinois. Similar but smaller than a German Shepard, the dogs are trained to participate in parachute jumping, rappelling, and other specials ops endeavors. A muscular, working dog, from the AKC description, a Belgian Malinois is “Intelligent and trainable” and “possesses a [...]

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Introducing Our Lewis & Barks Winner

June 21, 2011

Dog Tales introduces Christel K. from Seymour, TN, the “Lewis Likes Giveaways” winner. A veterinary technician at Smoky Mountain Animal Clinic, Christel is married with an 8 year old son. Christel’s husband is in the US Army and deployed again–on behalf of all Lewis & Barks fans, thank you for your family’s sacrifice and service. [...]

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