Rover Emergency Readiness Tips

by admin on May 12, 2011

Your dog depends on you. Having an emergency action plan in place is part of being a responsible doggie parent. With fires, tornados, floods and earthquakes in the news, planning ahead for “just in case” situations is a excellent idea. Here’s a checklist of emergency preparation ideas for you to consider for your four-footed friend:

1. Identification-microchip-just in case Rover ends up in a shelter, someone will be able to make an ID. Make sure your information is up to date in the database.
2. Emergency Kit Contents-two week supply of food; water in portable containers, clean-up bags, medication, copy of medical documents (vaccination records, license numbers, and microchip numbers), leash, collar or harness, crate or carrier, current photo of Rover

Lewis & Barks store carries several items that would be helpful– one is a Mayday Kit that has numerous items from cold packs, wipes, bandages, pen lights and much more that would come in handy not only for Rover but his human companions. Check it out here Mayday Kit

Our Rover Respond’R kit contains CDs that have numerous forms for documentation your may need in the event of an emergency.

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