Rescued Dogs Become Rescuers

by admin on May 24, 2011

Seach Dogs Foundation Pair Jason & Jagger

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

Jagger, a yellow Lab, was a stray who luckily found his way to the Haven Humane Shelter in Redding, CA. Although severely malnourished, his high-wattage personality attracted a Search Dog Foundation volunteer. With much nurturing, Jagger eventually became healthy enough to be trained for search & rescue duties. His companion and fellow rescuer, Jason Smith, is a firefighter in Oklahoma City. This week, Jagger & Jason are using their skills in Joplin, Mo, after the devastating tornado tore through that community.

The Search Dog Foundation is a wonderful, deserving organization. If you care to help, you can read about Jagger and his buddies, and make a donation here

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