Introducing Our Lewis & Barks Winner

by admin on June 21, 2011

Dog Tales introduces Christel K. from Seymour, TN, the “Lewis Likes Giveaways” winner. A veterinary technician at Smoky Mountain Animal Clinic, Christel is married with an 8 year old son. Christel’s husband is in the US Army and deployed again–on behalf of all Lewis & Barks fans, thank you for your family’s sacrifice and service.

Part of Christel’s family are four “pittys”, as she calls them. The American Pit Bull Terrier, the most misunderstood dog breed, has gotten a bad rep created by bad owners. A strong, energetic and intelligent breed, just like “hoomans” , they are a product of genes, obedience, learning, and environment. Christel K knows this first hand–she has raised and shown American Pit Bull Terriers professionally in NKC, ADBA and UKC for several years. Here’s pictures of Christel’s buddies. Thanks for sharing your story, Christel!

Christel's Four "Pittys"

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