Nebraska Dog Breeders Barking About Laws

by admin on February 9, 2011

Nebraska is considering a law relating to dog breeding. In a nutshell:
the bill would require that all dogs have basic medical care, including the following.
*All surgeries, other than tail docking and dew claw removal, would be performed by licensed veterinarians, as would care for serious or life-threatening medical conditions. Each dog would be examined by a vet at least every three years.
* Each dog’s health and welfare would be assessed and noted in the medical records at least once every 60 days.
* Breeders would keep accurate breeding records.
* Dogs would have microchips to provide tracking medical care and compliance.
* Basic dental care would be provided.

In the past, as I have unwittingly acquired pets who have had health problems due to breeding practices, I know first-hand the pain and heartbreak that is caused a lack of responsibility by certain types of breeders. Nothing here seems unreasonable, does it? One of the concerns of the breeders that are protesting is that, due to the economy, the price of puppies has devalued. OK– so then they are admitting that it is a business–pet overpopulation, abandoned pets, and more– what is wrong with some rules to follow for a dog breeding business. What do you think?

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